About Overmould

Established for more than twenty years, we provide sub-contract overmoulding services and overmoulding equipment for the protection of sensitive electronics & devices across multiple industries. We are the UK distributors for Overmoulding Machines from Buhnen, MoldMan™ and OptiMel.

Our Subcontract Overmoulding

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Low Pressure Injection Moulding is the process of overmoulding of electronic devices with Polyamides and resins. As the UK partner of Henkel and their Technomelt injection moulding materials, we replace traditional potting & encapsulation with overmoulding which delivers the results that conventional High Pressure Injection Moulding cannot.

The overmoulding process usually takes place in a single step. It protects the devices and provides the outer packaging and infilling in seconds, with product ready for shipping in minutes!

We have in-house mould tool design and manufacturing with the latest Haas CNC. We also provide expertise in early-stage prototype and pre-production requirements.

We work closely with our customers to provide complete turnkey support including design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, overmoulding and testing.

Based in Bedfordshire, central England, we are ISO 9001-2015 certified and WHMA/IPC 620 compliant.

The Overmould Team

Our acclaimed engineering expertise in mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical, and electronic disciplines is second to none.

Project and quality management, 8D problem solving, FAIR (First Article Inspection reports) and responsive customer communications complete our skill set.

To maintain efficiency and to improve our work environment, the 5S principles are not only observed, but fully understood.


IPC standards - WHMA-A-620
ISO certified company

A big emphasis is placed on quality control in all our processes, for every overmoulded product we produce or develop. Assured by our ISO:9001 accreditation, new partners can expect the same high standards, efficient troubleshooting and smooth lines of communication from the Overmould team, as well as unerring commitment to providing the best possible user experience.

If your business requires a handful of prototypes or you are seeking a sub-contract manufacturing and moulding partner, talk to Overmould! If you are looking to bring your overmoulding process in house or place it anywhere in the world, Overmould provides global businesses with complete manufacturing solutions; overmoulding systems, tooling and Henkel Technomelt materials, as well as taking care of installation and training. We also understand the cost benefit ratios and we can help you predict the capital spend and ongoing costs from the outset. The beauty is that you can prove the process with a small budget before the capital ever needs to be deployed.

Overmould doesn’t just sell machines, we provide solutions!


Establish the team


Defining the problem or problem solution


Containment / Shor term / Interim actions


Identifying and verifying root cause


Identify / choose permanent corrective actions


Implement permanent corrective actions


Preventive actions


Team recognition

Company Mission & Values

Our team is particularly interested in supporting companies that are looking to manufacture product in the UK. We strive to maintain a reputation for technical excellence, quality and positive attitude, whilst creating shorter, more responsive supply chains and offering ease of communication with customers by way of becoming partners in their solution.

We work with our customers to achieve excellent outcomes; and we invest in our people, systems, and knowledge to maintain a competitive edge. We grow by doing well.

  • Mutual trust & respect
  • Training & development
  • Positive environment
  • Employee engagement
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Sustainable Actions At Overmould

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Overmould understands that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future and are dedicated to delivering quality service and products whilst reducing energy usage, and recycling materials & packaging to reduce our overall carbon footprint. The plastic materials we use are made from 70% green organic compounds and are 100% recyclable.

Overmould - sustainable materials

Eco-Friendly Packaging Management

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Waste Reducing Design, Materials & Moulding Methods

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