Overmould donates to RUSH Academy Kenya

Overmould Shows its Caring Side with Charitable Sponsorship of RUSH Kenya

Overmould, leading UK experts in overmoulding and outsourced electronics encapsulation and overmoulding services, is embracing the spirit of giving with its ongoing charitable donations to RUSH Kenya; an organisation that cares for Kenya’s most vulnerable children. The RUSH Academy run by RUSH Kenya who are based in Kakamega, Western Kenya was founded…

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Preo Easy 5 from Overmould

Preo Easy 5

The new Preo 5 EASY Series applicators for hot-melt adhesives are the top innovation on the international market for their simplicity of use, production flexibility, maintenance costs, quick installation, ease of safety standards, exceptional reliability and full integration with any packaging line, granting the maximum operational flexibility. The new microprocessor controls all…

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Overmould and Henkel

Bonding With Henkel

Overmould Ltd, based in Bedfordshire, UK has partnered with Henkel Adhesive Technologies to supply adhesive product, technology and expertise to its growing UK customer base. Henkel delivers leading high-technology adhesive solutions worldwide through technology partners and Overmould, already a long-term partner on the hotmelt moulding technology, are well placed to…

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Optimel benchtop low pressure moulding machines from Overmould

Optimel low pressure moulding machines from Overmould

Overmould Ltd now offer a range of modular low pressure moulding machines from German manufacturer Optimel. Get in touch with us for sales, support and expertise on the Optimel products for the UK market. Optimel benchtop systems complement Overmoulds current MoldMan machine range enabling us to provide solutions for an even broader…

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The three dimensional world

As the technology for 3D printing objects advances, we will see it become a more practical, efficient and cost-effective solution for developing our everyday products. With this advancement, we will begin to see a wider array of materials — including plastics, ceramics and metals — that will completely transform the…

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overmoulding mould sets and tooling

Design & Manufacture of Low Pressure Moulding Mould Sets & Tooling

Mould sets for low pressure overmoulding are normally manufactured from aluminium and precision-machined to form the features of the desired part. Aluminium is well suited for mold-set manufacturing due to its excellent heat transfer properties (i.e. short cycle times) and is economical from a cost and time perspective. Aluminium mould-sets are relatively…

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overmoulding products

All the services you’ll need for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing

Overmould are the established leading UK experts in overmoulding delivering outsourced electronics encapsulation and overmoulding services & expertise right from the design stage through to production. Now we have extended our overmoulding services to include 3D printing, injection moulding and rapid prototyping, providing our customers with a one stop shop for the full range of technology…

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Strain Relief overmoulding

Overmoulding for Strain Relief

A strain relief is a standard feature in cables for relieving the stress and tensions between the rigid connector or device and the flexible cable. The point at which a cable exits a connector body or other component can be a critical failure point because of repeated flexing therefore a well-designed strain…

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potting and encapsulation

Low Pressure Overmoulding versus Potting or Encapsulation

In electronics, encapsulation or potting is the process of pouring liquid resin over electrical and electronic components, circuit boards and completed electronic assemblies for electrical insulation and to protect the product against thermal shock, vibration, moisture and corrosive substances. The process typically consists of 7 -8 steps including a curing period. Depending on…

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