Contract Overmoulding

Contract overmoulding

low pressure moulding outsourcing

Product Performance and Profitability

Low pressure moulding is helping designers in many industries achieve distinct product advantages in both mechanical and electrical applications.

A neat design by our in-house 3D design team, an affordable aluminium mould tool set, and our unmatched expertise is all it takes. Hundreds of manufacturers are improving reliability and reducing manufacturing time by outsourcing their encapsulation requirements to us. We help them create better products by using our acclaimed low pressure overmoulding experience.


Low Pressure overmoulding using Henkel’s excellent Technomelt/Macromelt materials is suitable for many applications. At the melt temperature, it acts like a strong adhesive and will bond with many substrates. For instance, the grip onto PVC is excellent, making it ideal for sealing and anchoring cables. In addition, Technomelt bonds effectively to aluminium, steel, solders and other metals commonly encountered in electronic modules. When cool, Technomelt is tough, retaining slight flexibility below zero degrees yet excellent rigidity to 130 degrees or even higher with selected variants. Electrical insulation is outstanding at typically 10,000,000,000,000Ω/cm and dielectric breakdown will not occur up to stresses of 20kv/mm.



Many applications that create components such as grommets need only one injection to complete. Other applications, like encapsulation, benefit from a two-stage process: the first for bulk encapsulation and centrality, the second to ensure correct all-round thickness and finish. Both stages can often be incorporated into one mold tool.


All projects start with the customer’s idea for a product and the design proposal. At Overmould, we liaise with your designers to understand and advise on parameters such as temperature range, dimensions and substrates to seal. Then we translate the design into a mold tool.

First-off impressions go through our customer’s test phase; then we commence production to an agreed schedule.


There are a great many examples of what can be done using low pressure overmoulding. You can use it for encapsulation, mechanical strain relief, moisture protection, vibration proofing, backfilling, high voltage insulation, improved aesthetics and more besides. Visit our overmoulding applications page for some recent examples.

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