OptiMel BASEline Low Pressure Overmoulding Equipment

Optimel Baseline LPM machines

The OptiMel BASEline low pressure moulding machines combine a compact, benchtop design with easy, convenient operation and enable a range of options for small to medium shot weights and / or throughput volumes.

The Siemens S7-1200 control with touch panel means the series offers the same ease of use and intelligence as the larger series.

The OptiMel adapted melt unit with double-acting piston pump and a capacity of 1kg per hour, enables efficient processing of small to medium shot weights and / or quantities. The clamping force of up to 9 / 12kN is suitable for moulding surfaces up to around 3000mm.


  • Machines for small and medium series production as well as small to medium component sizes
  • Clamping force for components with a maximum total moulding surface of approx. 3000mm² (at max pressure of 40 bar)
  • Melting capacity for small to medium shot weights and/or small to medium annual quantities
  • Individual components can be selected specific to a project
  • Siemens S7-1200 control with touch panel and convenient operation by pictograms
  • Integrated melting unit with double-acting plunger pump

Why choose an OptiMel Machine?

OptiMel hotmelt machines are modular low pressure moulding machine systems. Individual variants for setting up a Low Pressure Moulding system can be selected and combined according to the respective project and production requirements.

OptiMel Baseline range

OptiMel Accessories

The Automatic Filling System

When high volume production and reduced down time is a key requirement to your business, the new Optimel, automatic filling system that monitors the melt tank polyamide reserves and automatically fills, when required, could be exactly what is needed. This system not only saves time in production, but also prevents the machine operator from accidentally running the tank out of material, which is a common issue in high volume production.

For details and pricing on this type of system, please contact us.

automatic filling system

Protecting the Environment