Overmould HB510 Low Pressure Overmoulding System

Overmould 510

The Overmould HB510 is a hot melt adhesive tank system with gear pump, designed especially for manual overmoulding applications. Together with the hand gun, the tank system is ideally suited for all bead or spray bonding.

The simple navigation menu of the control unit is so user-friendly that intuitive operation of the device is possible, even for untrained personnel.

The extremely resilient plastic housing has a dirt-resistant paint finish. The modular structure of the system increases the ease of maintenance and ensures good accessibility of the parts when servicing. A filter change is possible without additional disassembly.

A conveyor system with gear pump ensures a constant volume per unit of time. The simple design of the pump makes it robust, yet inexpensive. The construction of the pump enables the processing of polyamides up to 250°C.

Up to 2 heatable hoses can be connected. In combination with application heads, automation of simple tasks is possible.

All major hot melt adhesives (EVA, PA, PO and PSA) can be processed without problem in bead, dot and/or spray application.


  • 4.5 litre capacity
  • Robust and easy-to-clean plastic housing
  • Fast heating-up in less than 30 minutes
  • Integrated weekly clock
  • Connection of up to two hoses
  • Coated aluminum tank
  • High melting capacity 4.5 kg/h
  • Service-friendly, modular structure
  • Integrated filter


  • Standby function reduces the temperature when device is not in use.
  • Heating accuracy +/- one degree
  • Precise processing temperature control
  • Reduced odours with closed / sealed melting areas
  • Service friendly, modular structure, integrated filter, to maximise operation efficiency


  • Dimensions: 720 x 360 x 360mm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Operating Voltage 220-240 V, 50Hz
  • Hose connections 1, 2
  • Melting capacity – 4,5kg/h
  • Drive – Gear motor
  • Number of pumps 1
  • Delivery rate of pump 29 kg/h
  • Tank capacity 4,5 litres
  • Noise emission 72 dBA

Overmould’s Docking Mould Bolster

If you are interested in the Overmould HB510, then you will also be needing a tooling solution. Overmould recognises the need for a low-cost tooling solution specifically for hand applicator machines, and has developed the Docking Mouldset. The Docking Mouldset complements the HB-series perfectly, enabling very cost-effective, small mould inserts to be created, instead of having full size tools made each time you produce a new product. It also allows for swift tool changes for rapid production part changes and means that multiple tool inserts can be made without the need for each set to have its own clamping & alignment features, significantly reducing cost and set-up time, as well as the price for each mould tool set.

We also offer water-cooled and super-sized versions of the docking mould set for the projects that require such features. We can design and manufacture the mould tool halves specific to your application, in 10-15 days, which means that this flexible method helps to keep the overall timeline short for rapid set up of new jobs.

Aluminium Tooling for handguns

Why choose Overmould Equipment?

Overmould hot melt adhesive guns are characterised by perfect handling, reliability, low weight and outstanding melting performance whilst their Hot melt adhesive tank systems deliver unbeatable processing quality and a modular design which allow a wide range of system solutions for virtually any application.

The OM HB510 is a hot melt adhesive tank system with gear pump, especially for manual applications.

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