Overmoulding For The Medical Industry

Medical applications have long used polymers for the many advantages they have over metals. Overmoulding of components for medical devices enables improved aesthetics, added functionality, brand identification, and increased value. Applications include hospital equipment and devices, biotechnology, and fluid management.

Why Choose Overmould For Your Medical Device Project

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Selecting the correct medical-grade plastic for a medical device or component is a critical decision in the manufacturing process.  Many of our customers require us to overmould sensitive batteries and electronics so our knowledge in this sector is invaluable.

Overmould is ISO 9001:2015 certified so you can rest assured that the overmoulding process for all types of products for use in the medical industry is designed using the appropriate materials and finished to the highest of standards.


  • Wearable electronic and monitoring devices.
  • Mechanical reinforcement of delicate cables/connector assemblies.
  • Gaskets and seal and environmental protection – liquid ingress etc.
  • Fluidic components, valves, sensors, and probes.
  • Medical catheters and implants.
Overmoulding - Medical applications

Overmoulding Materials Suitable For Medical applications

  • Excellent compression set – Silicone can rebound to original thickness when impacted with force and survive high temperatures.
  • The materials excellent properties make it highly practical for medical appliance applications, withstanding high impact forces, environmental challenges, and vibration damping.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and to thermal degradation
  • When used as a sub layer or pre mould, recycling of electronics is easily achieved.
  • Polyamide is a synthetic polymer with excellent adhesive properties also providing a strong, rigid structure with good temperature and chemical resistance.
  • This material is perfect for Low Pressure Moulding, machining and and 3D printing so its invaluable in medical electronics applications.
  • Suitable for hand held and sensitive electronics protection required in the medical sector with useful application in the wearables arena.

The materials that have been tested to ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards for the medical market include:

  • Loctite PA 6951
  • Loctite PA 6732
  • Loctite PA 6682