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mould sets

Mould sets for low pressure moulding


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Mould sets for low pressure moulding are normally manufactured from aluminum. Our Polyamide moulding materials from Henkel are non-abrasive and it is this, combined with the low injection pressure, that results in negligible wear on the mould-set to deliver a long and cost-effective operational life.

For larger scale production steel inserts may be used, as pictured below, reducing any wear on key tool components.

Types and sizes

Our mould machines are specifically designed to accommodate various mould tool sizes, and a typical tool change only takes a matter of minutes.

The HB500 Docking mould set offers cost effective interchangeable tooling, so only one dock is required and you can have limitless numbers of inserts for multiple applications.


Mould sets for Moldman machines do not require any cross drilling for cooling. The machines aluminum mold platens are prepared for water cooling via an auxiliary chiller.

Ejector systems

Most production mold sets utilise ejector systems. The design follows conventional guidelines: Guide-pins and ejector-pins are sandwiched in between a base plate and a retainer plate. This sandwiched arrangement slides on shoulder bolts with return springs. Typical ejector stroke ranges from 3 to 10 mm depending on the application.

Release agent

Release agent may be required for the mould sets. A new mould set may require application of this release agent several times hourly or daily. Extensive research has gone into selecting the optimum release agent for this technology. We can recommend the best solution for your application.

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