Navigating Handheld Overmoulding Tools: Making Informed Choices

Overmoulding tools and Technomelt


Critical Considerations When Looking at Low-Cost Moulding

When it comes to overmoulding, choosing the right tools can make all the difference in achieving precision and quality. In this article, we explore the realm of handheld applicators for overmoulding, shedding light on important considerations.

The Overmould HB500 Applicator: Excellence in Overmoulding

Hand-held Applicators for overmoulding are an economical solution for injecting hotmelt polyamide into a mould tool for overmoulding of connectors, cables, and other devices. The Overmould HB500 is a professional Handgun Moulding Applicator well-recognised in our sub-contract division for its exceptional performance used for a wide range of overmoulding projects. However, it’s important to note that our HB500 Applicator stands apart from other products available online, often referred to as glue guns, which utilise glue sticks and were designed for simpler tasks like bonding plastic parts.

As the established UK Experts in Low-Pressure Moulding, we have created an informative resource to help you decide between the different handheld equipment to suit your needs.

Low-Volume Precision and Quality Assurance

Overmould Hotmelt Adhesive Handguns, exemplified by the HB500, offer the edge needed to ensure accuracy and a high success rate when manufacturing prototypes or batches of 1-1000’s parts and are used by hundreds of companies globally. These applicators provide precise control over both pressure and temperature – crucial variables for reliable and repeatable mouldings.

Meanwhile, the seemingly economical glue guns available online might create simple moulded components, such as USB sticks. However, they lack the precision required for professional use. They are also not easily repeatable in terms of process quality and aren’t suitable for applications beyond very low-volume experiments.

Over the years, we have been dedicated to supplying, servicing, and supporting the industry’s best handheld overmoulding tools which receive numerous global recommendations for a wide range of applications.

Tailoring Solutions to Your Overmoulding Requirements

Although an Overmoulding Glue Gun may suffice for basic cavity moulding, it has very limited capability, and functionality is severely limited. These guns typically heat to 180-200° degrees maximum, which falls short of the precise temperature control required for overmoulding polyamides—one degree at a time, up to 225° degrees. Precise temperature control prevents quality issues, poor adhesion, and unsatisfactory cosmetics.

We design and manufacture mould tooling in-house to match the capabilities of the HB500 hand-held applicator. Our team can guide you in determining whether your particular part requiring moulding is suitable for the HB500 or whether an automatic Low-Pressure Moulding (LPM) machine would be a preferable option. Just contact for more information.

Understanding Variations in Polyamides

It’s crucial to acknowledge that while glue sticks and overmould hot melt materials share identical base polyamide structures, they differ in their dimmer fatty acids and polymer chain lengths. For optimal results, we recommend Technomelt, an advanced polyamide with an extensive range of properties, available in various colours. Designed explicitly for Low-Pressure Moulding, this material isn’t typically suitable for injection moulding machines and other devices. We encourage you to refer to our Overmoulding Materials pages for detailed information and recommendations on the perfect Polyamide materials for your technical requirements.