26 Apr 2023

Driving the future forward with EV Motor Busbars

The Low-pressure moulding process has many advantages including lower cost and reduction time for many products such as EV motor busbars, a preferred method instead of potting or high pressure moulding.

Waterproofing electronic PCBs

09 Feb 2023

Waterproofing electronics and products of all types

Moisture can cause a wide range of issues in electronics and other devices, including corrosion of metal components and damage to sensitive electronic components. This is where the Low Pressure Overmoulding process comes to hand, as it can waterproof a wide range of electronic devices including circuit boards and connectors,

Henkel Technomelt Amber and Black

03 Jan 2023

Overmould are the UK’s No 1 Supplier of Henkel Technomelt®

Henkel is a world leader in high performance adhesive materials, and Overmould are proud to be their top distributor providing Henkel’s Technomelt polyamide adhesive thermoplastics and LOCTITE® products for over 20 years.

Henkel Technomelt,® used in conjunction with specialist Low Pressure Moulding equipment supplied by Overmould Ltd, offer a superior adhesion and sealing for a wide range of electronics applications enabling fast, low-cost encapsulation in any shape.

Guide to overmoulding parts

18 Oct 2022

Useful Guide to Low Pressure Overmoulding PCBs, Parts & Connectors

A look at the suitability of Low Pressure Overmoulding for parts, PCB’s & connectors with answers to the most common questions about LPM.

Pastor Joshua and street children

22 Sep 2022

Overmould’s charitable support continues to help worldwide aid programmes

Overmould, the leading UK experts in Low Pressure Overmoulding and sensitive electronics encapsulation, have been supporting the wonderful work of their designated charity, International Needs for over 5 years. This organisation has a worldwide reach with its aim to help families suffering through poverty and crisis to create a sustainable future. They work on several …

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Dave Morris Business Leader podcast

09 Aug 2022

MD Dave Morris participates in Leadership podcast

Business leader and our MD, Mr Dave Morris has taken part recently in an episode of The Leaders Council podcast, which has been created to spotlight CEOs, directors, MPs and other leading figures and give a variety of perspectives on business leadership today. Dave is interviewed by Scott Challiner discussing his experience from starting out …

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Smart Light device lit up

01 Jul 2022

Overmould collaborate with Combined Test Solutions to improve the Smart-Lights™ device

Combined Test Solutions is the leading UK provider of test equipment and instruments. We were asked to overmould two of their test products, the first being a Smart-Light, a tool for automated and quick test set up and fixturing of large harness tester interfaces.
Tim Morris of CTS explains the problems experienced before using the Low Pressure Overmoulding process provided by Overmould, how this proved to be the solution and why the chosen overmoulding material was used.

Haldex splitter cable uses Overmoulding

18 May 2022

Overmoulding Enables The Development of Haldex Splitter Cable

Haldex is a manufacturer of brake products, air suspension systems and products to enhance safety for heavy vehicles. Gabor Novek, Production Planner at Haldex, describes the issues and challenges involved in the recent development of a splitter cable used on the EB+ Gen 3 electronic braking system and how overmoulding proved to be the solution.

No water ingress

16 May 2022

Osprey Measurement Systems Chooses Overmould to Protect Electronics From Water Ingress

Osprey Measurement Systems manufacture precision monitoring equipment for the civil engineering industry. Their devices measure ground settlement and deformation during construction of road or rail embankments, tunnels, or deep excavations, ensuring an efficient construction process and safe infrastructure during its lifespan.
In such hostile environments one key challenge is to protect the electronics from water ingress. Overmould provided Osprey with a cost-effective overmoulding solution.

Low Pressure Moulding Toolsets

12 Jan 2021

Design & Manufacture of Low Pressure Moulding Mould Sets & Tooling

Mould sets for low pressure overmoulding are normally manufactured from aluminium and precision-machined to form the features of the desired part. Aluminium is well suited for mould-set manufacturing due to its excellent heat transfer properties (i.e. short cycle times) and is economical from a cost and time perspective.

Aluminium mould-sets are relatively soft and care must be taken not to damage the cavity surface. If the component to be over-moulded has steel or hard glass filled components, it is recommended to have steel inserts in the mould cavity to reduce any wear on key tool components. This is generally required when moulding connectors. Mould-sets can also be manufactured from tool steel such as P-20. It may be required to cross drill steel mould-sets to ensure sufficient cavity cooling.

rapid prototyping

09 Dec 2020

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is a valuable step in product development. It provides a real-life product to analyse, test, and improve upon, before final production begins.
The goal in prototyping is to produce final production-like components.
The lessons learned in the prototype phase are then implemented when scaling up for volume production.

overmoulding for strain relief

16 Jun 2020

Overmoulding For Strain Relief

A strain relief is a standard feature in cables for relieving the stress and tensions between the rigid connector or device and the flexible cable. The point at which a cable exits a connector body or other component can be a critical failure point because of repeated flexing therefore a well-designed strain relief is vital for the mechanical and electrical integrity, optimum lifespan and general performance of all types of cables. By far the most superior strain relief in most applications, is a custom designed, overmoulded strain relief.
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