Overmoulding Materials

OVERMOULDING MATERIALS for electronics, cables and PCBs

Here at Overmould Ltd we use a variety of over-moulding materials depending on the application requirements.

Polyamide Adhesive Thermoplastics enable you to mould in any shape around electronics, cables and PCBs.

We also provide other materials such as Epoxy potting & RTV Silicone, when the application dictates the need for a different material.



We are the UK distributor for Henkel’s Technomelt polyamide adhesive thermoplastic. Technomelt offers a superior seal to electronics and cables and has been established for over twenty years proving itself across a variety of sectors.

Henkel is the world leader in high performance adhesive materials. They are innovative, specially-modified thermoplastic polyamide hot melts made specifically for low pressure moulding and we maintain stock in house.

Technomelt® products melt and flow at low viscosities (1,000 to 10,000 cps), facilitating the low injection pressure process and providing perfect and safe alternatives to encapsulation and potting. Technomelt® offers excellent adhesion to various substrates, including PVC, PA6.6, PUR, and PP. Since they are based on adhesive technology, they bond to form a watertight and chemical seal. These hot melts cure quickly by cooling so there are no toxic fumes and cycle times are short. The entire line of Technomelt® OM products is UL94-V0 rated.

At Overmould, we can supply the materials in amber, black and a variety of custom colours.

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