Overmould Services

What Overmould can offer you:

  • Low, medium & high volume electronics overmoulding.
  • Project evaluation (technical and commercial).
  • Application engineering and DfM together with FMEA where needed.
  • Design input for overmoulding circuit boards – ATEX approval etc.
  • Mould flow analysis.
  • Prototyping and pre-production “3D printed” mould sets.
  • Production Aluminium and steel / steel insert tooling mould sets.
  • Turnkey solutions and general prototyping.
  • Soldering, electronics and general mechanical assembly
  • Low Pressure Moulding, Overmoulding, encapsulation & potting services.
  • Sealing to IP67 waterproofing standards, and beyond!
  • FMEAs and product improvement.
  • Testing, both low and high voltage as well as functional.
  • Custom packaging (as specified).
Overmould services

Our customers benefit from over 10 years of overmoulding experience and over 40 years of combined knowledge in the business.

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