Overmould’s generosity aids UK money and debt charity

Supporting CAP charity

Overmould, the leading UK expert in Low-Pressure Overmoulding and sensitive electronics encapsulation, has been supporting a special charity, Christians Against Poverty.

CAP UK is a Christian non-profit organisation providing free debt and money support for all communities across the UK, enhancing their financial situation, and improving many lives.

The charity’s aim is to:

  • Relieve poverty in the United Kingdom
  • Advance personal finance education
  • Raise awareness of debt, poverty, and its causes in the UK

Support through the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has affected countless households across the UK however,  CAP has stepped up to offer vital support to those in need. Overmould’s generous contributions have helped CAP provide the following essential assistance:

  • Providing immediate practical support where needed, such as emergency food shops and fuel top-ups for people at risk of going without food or energy in their homes.
  • Emotional support to help people cope with the mental pressures of rising costs.
  • Resources to help people ensure they are getting all the support they can, including an online benefits calculator enabling people to check for any eligible benefits
  • Campaigning for change to structures and systems that particularly impact low-income households. The charity is urging the Government (and all parties standing in the next general election) to prioritise UK poverty.
  • Specialist resources online including the benefit calculator and information on eligible support schemes.

A debt service going above and beyond

CAP’s debt service helps individuals find their path to financial freedom. Their comprehensive approach includes:

  • CAP debt help for big and small – People can choose what works best for their circumstances with a variety of plans available to begin their debt-free journey.
  • Money management courses and job clubs to help communities obtain the skills and assistance to find work and manage their budget.
  • Practical resources accessible to all – CAP Job clubs offering CV writing guidance to help people find work and CAP life skills which help navigate life on a low income both practically and emotionally. There are also resources available online, such as bite-sized video tutorials including CV writing and practical tips for staying healthy.

Overmould’s Appreciation for Christian’s Against Poverty

Overmould deeply values the practical help provided by the charity CAP, which empowers those who feel bereft of hope and delivers unique acts of service to the community.

CAP UK helps thousands of people per year and has transformed many lives.

Overmould’s unwavering support for Christians Against Poverty is a testament to the positive impact that businesses can have when they prioritize corporate social responsibility. However, the challenges posed by poverty and debt persist, and scaling up to help more people requires sustained funding. If you too would like to join Overmould and make a difference, consider supporting Christians Against Poverty’s mission by donating and being part of this transformative journey. Click here to donate:

Participant attending life skills course