MoldMan 8200

Moldman 8200 low pressure overmoulding machine

The MoldMan 8200 low pressure moulding machine is ideal for high volume manufacturing. Shuttle table function ensures very high production capacity. However, this machine can also be operated in “single station” mode.

Equipped with our proprietary pressure control system, it features our unique direct nozzle engagement system to the upper mold half, exactly where you need it.

As an added benefit, MoldMan 8200 melt units are interchangeable. This allows you to easily go from one compound to another or simply keep an extra melt unit as back-up.

Need more capacity, different types of moulding compounds or individual pressure control in separate cavities?

No problem, simply add an extra melt unit.

Yes, the MoldMan 8200 can also run TWO melt units at the same time.
Fully CE compliant.

MoldMan 8200 low pressure overmoulding machine

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