Moulding Machines

Moulding Machines

Frequently asked questions about moulding machines

What are the more frequent maintenance items on the equipment?

Most problems are caused by insufficient upkeep of the melt reservoir. If the melt reservoir is not cleaned on a regular basis, charred material will build up on the fins, reducing the heat transfer to the material. This can lead to “short shots” (incomplete over-moulds) and various blockages. If the material is left in the reservoir for days at high temperatures, it will get more viscous and eventually not flow. The melt filter must be replaced as per the maintenance guidelines. The injection nozzle and the pump seal will require replacement periodically.

What features are on the PLC controller?

The PLC controls temperature of reservoir, manifold and hose, clamp operation, injection cycle including profiles and pump speed (VFD), ejector operation and some safety functions. All parameters are entered through the simple touch screen menu.

How many parameters will need to be set prior to moulding? Will a special technician need to be trained in setting up the machine?

    • Installation of the mould-set/setting of zero (closed mould-set parameter)
    • The ejector system is activated if applicable
    • The injection parameters including temperature, pressure, injection time and cooling time are set. Including the installation of the mould-set, the complete set-up typically takes less than 15 minutes. When a mould-set is run-in for the first time, extra time must be allowed for optimization of parameters.
  • All moulding parameter entry is via the touch screen. The training for this will take no more than 1 hour and is also fully detailed in the operations manual.

Are there demo units that can be leased for prototyping?

Prototyping is typically performed at Overmould facilities. But leasing equipment is possible – please contact Overmould for details.

What is the delivery time for machines?

Typically 12 weeks.

Is the gear pump on the Moldman® machines designed for the shot or does it work with a PLC profile?

The gear pump motor is run through a variable frequency drive with a PLC control. The Moldman® series offers programmable/multi-step injection profiles.

Who will provide maintenance and user support for the machines?

Detailed maintenance guidelines are supplied with the machines and it is strongly recommended to set up scheduled maintenance. Keeping the melt reservoir clean is the single most important step towards success with this technology. Overmould and Cavist Corporation will also be available for support.

Does Overmould provide start-up training for the Moldman® machines?

Yes. Start-up and training typically takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of operators.

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