Equipment Solution

Equipment SolutionLooking to overmould in-house? We distribute the world’s best low pressure moulding equipment and Henkel’s excellent ‘Technomelt’ moulding materials. We offer solutions for all manufacturing demands, from prototyping to high volume, and from hand-held moulding tools to automated inline products.

Contract Moulding

Contract MouldingWe are the leading UK experts in overmoulding. So who better to handle your outsourced Electronics encapsulation and overmoulding requirements, and to offer you overmoulding expertise right from product design to ensure you maximise productivity at the lowest cost for your electronic assemblies.

We turn devices into products


Overmould is the UK’s leading sub contract manufacturer of low pressure injection mouldings. As the UK partner for Henkel’s Technomelt/Macromelt polyamides, we specialise in moulding directly on to electronic assemblies, including PCBs, sensors and other sensitive components, providing a totally sealed and encapsulated product. It’s a fast and cost-effective alternative to conventional encapsulation or potting, offering instant protection from moisture, vibration and other challenging environmental conditions.

Volumes in the 10's, 100's and 1000's are handled easily by the Overmould team in Leighton Buzzard. All our work is approved to ISO 9001. When you need the ultimate in sealing and vibration protection, simply call or email us and let us quote you for turning your device into a product. Fast.

As your production volumes grow we provide more than just tooling and subcontract overmoulding. Call us for information on the full range of MoldMan Machines and peripherals for your own in-house manufacturing. We’ll back you up with our industry-leading expertise is in moulding directly on to electronic assemblies. No more potting or slow, messy encapsulation with resins. Now your device can be turned into a robust product and shipped within minutes!