Low Pressure
Silicone Moulding

Low Pressure Silicone Moulding is a unique process, perfected by the team at Overmould Ltd.  Using the renowned Moldman® MM2050 as a base moulding machine, we modified it in-house for high volume silicone part production. Liquid silicones can allow excellent transparency, anti-shock protection, anti-tear and good waterproof performance.

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In essence the process involves injecting a 2 part silicone via a chilled mixer nozzle (2 degrees C) into a specially designed and heated mould tool.  The electronic parts are then coated in an optically clear silicone that is set and ready to handle in around 2-3 minutes. All this is done at low pressure so there is no damage to batteries or sensitive/fragile electronic devices and when compared to silicone potting (measured in 4 to 24 hours) it is a technological revolution.

When violent forces threaten to destroy valuable, sensitive devices, our methodology of LPSM silicone inners with shelled layers of different polyamides enables thousands of G to be resisted – hundreds of times.

Precision Flow & Metering Systems At Overmould

  • Light curtain and safety actuation
  • 2 Ton clamping force
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Servo-driven positive displacement delivery system
  • Single or 2K Silicones
  • Capable of processing up to 750,000 cps materials
  • Patent pending disposable static mixing nozzle design
MoldMan 2050 Machine

Why choose Overmould for your Low Pressure Silicone Moulding?

Part of Overmoulds sub-contract LPM area is pictured opposite manufacturing electronic golf balls for US firm “Puttshack”

Shown are the electronics assemblies, firstly encapsulated in silicone and then shelled in a polyamide before final test and outer shelling in the traditional white surlyn plastic.

These balls regularly survive forces of 6000 G – and more when hit in anger with golf clubs!

Overmoulds unique technology means that we are the only company proven capable of delivering the necessary robustness and protection to these intelligent golf balls.  Others have tried and failed!

When your electronics need high levels of protection – talk to the experts at Overmould.