Overmoulding Tooling

Our dedicated Low Pressure Moulding design team will work with you, discuss the various tooling possibilities and then create a mould tool set perfectly suited to your Low Pressure Moulding project.


Prototype Tooling

The team at Overmould have long been expert at designing and manufacturing Prototype Tools created using our in-house 3D print system. It is a fast, affordable method to allow you to prove processes, check issues and make modifications before progressing your tool to production status.


Development Tooling

Our Development Tooling in aluminium, bridges the gap between 3D printed tools and Prototype Tooling and the highest specification of volume Production Tooling.  With 20+ years of experience, our team is able to produce Development Tooling at the right quality, at the right price, and also enable an upgrade path on the tooling via the use of inserts. We are thereby able to help you keep a tight control on costs by reducing potential scrap through complete re-design.

Overmould has recently increased capacity in its subcontract division and can now handle part quantities per customer of up to 1000 parts per week. This increase in capacity is in direct response to the “onshoring” that is currently going on in the UK.

We will never be a truly high-volume manufacturer, but these increased capabilities mean that we can better serve our global customers with the current high complexity electronics and connector overmoulding that they come to us for.

Our in-house tooling design and manufacture already has the capability to deliver aluminium tools in 14 days, whilst our 3D printed thermoplastic tooling can provide a 48 hour turnaround for prototype parts. As we have all the necessary skillsets on site that allow us to design, manufacture, assemble and mould parts for our customers, we can ensure a top tier service from an experienced and dedicated team.


Production Mould Tooling

When needing higher quantities, steel inserts will be incorporated into the tooling to reduce wear in critical areas.  While our subcontract operations are not geared for hundreds of thousands of customer parts, Overmould can provide not only the tooling, but the equipment, materials and expertise to assist setup in any country of your choosing.

Production Tooling is suited for those applications where a low cycle time is crucial, producing the most parts in the shortest cycle times by skilful application of experience and techniques in the tool design and operation.