Employing Overmoulding technology, Overmould brings aesthetic and functional benefits to products across many industries and applications. These include Electronics, Medical Devices, Agricultural and Automotive products and components.

We help manufacturers to strengthen, protect and improve a part or end product, while reducing cost, labour and materials.

overmoulding-for aerospace-defence industries

Aerospace & Defence

Overmoulding to meet complex specifications, rigorous production processes and the highest levels of compliance.


Overmoulding of complex electric, electronic and non-electronic systems to deliver products with unwavering reliability.

Overmoulding - automotive industry
Overmoulding for the environmental industries


Overmoulding to create products that need to withstand a variety of harsh conditions in many different environments.


Overmoulding of electronics to deliver effective IP rated packaging / enclosure, strain relief and cable sealing in one easy step.

Overmoulding - Electronics industry
Overmoulding-entertainment-lighting industry

Lighting & Entertainment

Overmoulding to ensure powerful, user-friendly, robust products, that perform consistently and reliably.


Overmoulding to meet the highest quality standards and reliability using the correct medical-grade plastic.

overmoulding - medical industry