Overmoulding For The Lighting & Entertainment Industry

Sophisticated electronics are used throughout the lighting and entertainment industry, from theatres and music venues to sports venues, film studios and outdoor events. These markets demand powerful, user-friendly, robust products, that perform consistently and reliably.

Why Choose Overmould For Your Lighting Project

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Overmoulding encapsulates critical electrical connections to ensure the utmost protection and durability. Failure to properly protect these connections — especially when exposed to outdoor elements — increases the likelihood of a high maintenance costs and product failure.

Our team of experienced engineers can apply our overmoulding expertise to help you produce the sturdiest products for the entertainment lighting industry.  The end product of the low-pressure overmoulding process has the ability to withstand and work to its full potential in the harshest environmental conditions, whilst still maintaining the product performance demanded by the design. Light transmission, UV ageing and other issues are understood by the Overmould team, and we have the know-how to ensure high levels of performance from the products we overmould.

Overmould’s ISO 9001 processes, as well as our 5S and 12D principles, help us to maintain the highest of quality standards and constantly improve our processes.


  • Theatre / Entertainment Lighting Connectors and Joiners
  • LED units for Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Underwater Marine Lights
  • Headlights, Tail-lights, Fog Lamps
  • Light control PCB’s
  • Herpetarium Lamps
Overmoulding Lighting applications