Custom 3D Printed

Overmould delivers a 3D print prototyping service, primarily for the manufacture of high-quality prototypes. Using one or both of our 3D printers, we can pick the right tool for the job, which in turn helps our customers reduce costs and speed up their time to market.

What is 3D Printing?

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Overmould can rapidly transform designs into prototype parts and mould tools thereby accelerating the design process. The process is best adopted for rapid prototyping, complex designs, multipart assemblies, and even functional, end-use parts. A selection of thermoplastic materials can be used in the process to give the look and feel needed for the product.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is a valuable step in product development. A prototype provides a visualisation of a mould tool on a low volume scale to analyse, test and improve upon before final production begins and large costs are incurred. Any potential design problems can be detected and rectified at this stage of the process and alterations made to your 3D prototype if necessary. The lessons learnt in the prototype phase are then implemented when scaling up for volume production. 3D prototyping can reduce time to market and save money on resources, with the assurance that the exact requirements of the product are met.

Rapid 3D prototyping

Why choose Overmould for
3D Prototyping?

  • The Overmould team make project ideas a reality

We are on hand during office hours to discuss your project ideas in full depth and help you decide upon the most appropriate materials and method of production to turn your devices into products, quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

  • Quick turn-around and feedback

We can give prompt feedback on your proposed idea and complete your 3D prototype in a matter of approximately 1-2 weeks.

  • We test until its right

Our goal is always to build prototype parts that match the quality of a final production unit. We want to help you properly visualise your design, demonstrate your product to your marketing team or customers, and of course to test and verify that it meets your product requirements.

We analyse and recommend overmould thicknesses, strength requirements, surface requirements, implementation of light pipes, bushing inserts, etc.

Or why not email us your completed design in a STL format so we can provide you with a speedy quote and fast turnaround?