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Who are Overmould

Overmould, formerly known as Engineering Solutions, is a sub-contract manufacturer specialising in the sealing and protection of electronics using low pressure injection molding technology as well as other appropriate technologies. We work with our customers to provide complete turnkey support including: design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, overmoulding, and testing.

Based in Bedfordshire, central England, we are ISO 9001-2015 certified and WHMA/IPC 620 compliant.


Low Pressure Injection Molding is the process of over-molding electronic devices with Polyamides to protect them. The PCB assembly or electronic part is placed in a specially manufactured aluminium mold tool, and completely surrounded with a liquid compound that effectively forms the housing for the device. It was developed by Henkel and initially introduced to European automotive manufacturing in the 1980’s.

Low Pressure Injection Molding is a faster, cleaner and lower cost alternative to encapsulation. The process is nontoxic, a great advantage when compared to potting with epoxies and or urethanes. Low Pressure Injection Molding is a 3 step process rather than an 8 step process for potting. This removal of process steps reduces manufacturing time, labour and material costs and improves throughput, resulting in increased ROI. There is zero waste, scrap is often recyclable and the process is environmentally friendly, giving off no toxic fumes. The end result is a tamperproof and environmentally sealed product.

Our founder realised early on that there was a strong need in the UK for an alternative to traditional potting processes, typically used to protect and encapsulate electronics. Engineering Solutions Ltd was incorporated in 2003 specialising in Low Pressure Moulding, (LPM) for the UK market. Our equipment is sourced from the USA and Europe and we are Henkel’s UK partner and experts in using their polyamides.

We are proud to be a manufacturing company in the UK committed to a service for companies looking to manufacture product in the UK. We strive to maintain a reputation for excellence, create shorter, more responsive supply chains and offer ease of communication with customers.


Contract Manufacturing Services is a feature of our business. Those that don’t want to buy equipment, materials and tooling from us, become our sub-contract customers. The original sole focus of overmoulding electronics for customers on a contract basis, has expanded to include many other prototyping services.

Our vast experience in the best ways to process Polyamide materials, using our in-house developed processes, means we have gained an undeniable advantage over any competitor.


Committed to helping you to lower cost and increase efficiency, Design for Manufacturability (DfM) is a critical part of our internal processes. With over a decade of company experience we maintain high standards of quality, service and customer satisfaction for all the Overmoulding projects we undertake. We place a high emphasis on quality control in our engineering processes for every product we produce and are your dedicated manufacturing partner every step of the way, even for the toughest of specifications.

industrial craftsmanship


Design, engineering, prototyping, assembly, overmoulding & testing.


We are ISO-9001-2015 certified and WHMA/IPC 620 compliant.


Committed to a service for companies looking to manufacture in the UK, we strive to offer shorter. more responsive supply chains and ease of communication with customers.


Well engineered, specific cost-effective solutions to the increasing number of UK manufacturers facing environmental and competitive challenges.


Our team consists of exceptionally versatile engineers. We have acclaimed engineering expertise in mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical and electronic disciplines. Computer programming, project management and communications complete the skill set. Starting in the mid-1980s, the team quickly became leaders in test engineering. In time, the resolute pursuit of reliability led to overmoulding as an encapsulation strategy to insulate, waterproof, package and protect assemblies. Today, Overmould has clients in every major industrial sector, and provides diverse solutions to a range of problems and overmoulded assemblies to a wide range of innovative applications.

  • Mutual trust & respect
  • Training & development
  • Positive environment
  • Employee engagement

Our Mission & Values

We drive our quality to the highest standards; we work with our customers to achieve excellent outcomes; and we invest in our people, systems and knowledge to maintain a competitive edge. We grow by doing well.

Our values:

  • Ethical behaviour
  • Customer focussed improvement
  • Accountability & teamwork
  • Openness & inclusion

What Our Customers Say About Us

Overmould Ltd provides a great service and speedy turnaround.  We use resin encapsulation for most of our products, and Overmould are a key element of our supply chain.  As well as the overmoulding service, they provide expert tooling manufacture and product design advice.  All we could look for in a supplier!

- Tim Campbell, Principal Design Engineer, Hydro International

LEMO UK has worked with Overmould for a number of years and always found them ready and able for the challenges that lie ahead.  Overmould is flexible to customer requirements and present many excellent ideas, they are very responsive to its customers wishes and will do everything in their power to match what the customer needs for its project, they are always on time and willing to co-operate – I wish all suppliers had the same ethic.

- Phil Morris, Manufacturing and Facilities Manager, LEMO (UK) Ltd

The directors of C R Encapsulation Ltd would like to thank you for the advice you have given our company on our investment in Overmoulding. You took the time to fully understand our needs before advising us on the best equipment to produce quality products over & over again. Talking to such a well-run & established company has proved to be a very smart move by us. The quality of the equipment & the very accurate tooling provided, along with the raw materials, makes it a one stop shop and a no brainer on where to go in the future for this type of purchase.

- Ritchie Grant, Director, C R Encapsulation Ltd

Many thanks for the support Overmould Ltd have given Labone, culminating in our purchase of the Moldman 4000 machine. Following supply difficulties, Overmould helped us to maintain deliveries to our key customer. They assisted at every stage - on material selection, obtaining scarce grades, training & sub-contract manufacture.

- Richard Goldthorpe, Engineering Director R.A LABONE & CO. LTD.

It is so user friendly that within an hour of the kit arriving we had the first pieces coming into production, and none of us had any background in plastics. This equipment will increase our efficiency and also gives us greater control of what was an outsourced process.

- Ian Pinder, Production Manager, Marine Rescue Technologies Ltd.

Their vast experience, knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in the development of products tailored to our client’s applications. In an ever changing market place Overmould’s ability to accommodate ICD’s fluctuating manufacturing requirements continues to impress.

- Ben Winrow. ICD Ltd

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