Overmoulding Equipment

We offer a range of low pressure overmoulding equipment solutions from simple hand held moulding tools to sophisticated automated low pressure moulding machines with shuttle tables and twin melt chamber options to improve throughput and flexibility. We repair, maintain and service all our products in house & hold comprehensive spares for fast support.


Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing

Low Pressure Moulding systems ideal for the development of prototypes and / or low volume manufacturing producing 1 – 1000’s of parts.

Overmould Hand gun

Overmould HB500
Handheld Moulding Equipment

Overmould 510 Low pressure overmoulding system

Overmould HB510 Low Pressure
Overmoulding System

Overmould 470 gear pump with melt tank and handgun

Overmould HB470 Gear Pump
With Melt Tank & Handgun


Low to Medium Volume Manufacturing

Low Pressure Injection Moulding machines ideal for volume ranges between a few thousand and a hundred thousand products. Combine the benefits of high and low-volume injection molding, with shorter lead times and lower costs.


Optimel Baseline LPM systems

OptiMel Baseline Series Low
Pressure Moulding System

Moldman 1050 LPM system

MoldMan® 1050 Low Pressure
Moulding System

Moldman 6000 LPM system

MoldMan® 6000 Low Pressure
Moulding System


Medium to High Volume Manufacturing

Low Pressure Moulding systems for high volume manufacturing typically involves anywhere from tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces. With the increased production capacity comes economies of scale.

Moldman 6200 LPM systems

MoldMan® 6200 Low Pressure
Moulding System

MoldMan 8200 low pressure moulding system (LPM)

MoldMan® 8200 Low Pressure
Moulding System

Optimel Flexline LPM systems

OptiMel FLEXLine Series
Low Pressure Moulding Systems

MoldMan low pressure moulding equipment

MoldMan™ automated Low Pressure Moulding Machines are designed to encapsulate, protect, and seal electronics and cables as well as mould standalone products with silicones, epoxies, and urethanes. They are fully compatible with a branded adhesive thermoplastic polyamide called TECHNOMELT®, developed by the Henkel® Corporation & supplied by Overmould Ltd.

All MoldMan™ Machines are designed with capabilities to allow you to produce a variety of overmoulding projects on the same piece of equipment and customers can count on a solid build and reliable, easy to use, well designed, technologically advanced and safe equipment.

Optimel low pressure moulding equipment

Optimel benchtop systems complement the MoldMan™ machine range enabling us to provide solutions for an even broader range of low pressure moulding applications. For example – systems that enable vertical injection as well as, or instead of, horizontal injection and the option of an extruder which widens the range of materials that can be used.

The Optimel modular machine system facilitates a flexible equipment configuration, based on user requirements. All machine components are aligned to each other and allow individual adjustments within the standard machine range as well as customised solutions.