MoldMan® 1050 Low Pressure Moulding Machine

MoldMan 1050 Low Pressure Moulding desktop machine

The MoldMan® 1050 has been designed to handle coloured hotmelt polyamide materials in a very efficient and different manner: it features a unique “On Demand” type heat reservoir and “Temperature Controlled Hopper”.

This unique LPM system liquefies a minimal amount of material just prior to injection into the mould to reduce material degradation.  This is called Melt on Demand Molding™. It is the only machine that we have ever tested that can reliably process coloured materials without degradation – time after time, repeatably!

The MoldMan® 1050 is ideal for sealing electronics and PCBs. It creates moulded-on strain reliefs for cables and connectors, in any colour of your choice.

Just like on the big low pressure moulding systems, a pressure feedback transducer monitors pressure of the material delivery to the cavity. This helps to better regulate pressure accuracy for specific requirements of electronic components and PCBs.

The benchtop style, the 0.5 – 50g shot weight,  the 1-30 bar (25-450 psi) injection pressure and the 1.8kg melt reservoir are all features which make the MoldMan® 1050 a very versatile machine.

The MoldMan® 1050 system includes touch screen controls, melt temperature up to to 260 °C (500 °F), 1 ton clamping force, and optional 2-hand control.


  • Precision flow and metering system
  • Light curtain and safety actuation
  • 1 Ton clamping force
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Center core “On Demand” type reservoir

Why choose a MoldMan™ Machine?

Focused on user friendliness and long service life, they are integrated, purpose built Low Pressure Moulding machines, designed to ensure minimal maintenance.

  • No heated hoses
  • No exposed heated joints
  • No exposed moving injection nozzles

The MoldMan® 1050 is compatible with low-pressure moulding materials. These include polyamides, polyamide-acrylic hybrids, and copolyesters. Finished products are ready to handle and test in seconds.

The same high quality design, engineering, and manufacturing for which MoldMan® is known for, is integrated into a compact table-top unit that can be transported easily and set up just about anywhere.