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We deliver outsourced electronics encapsulation and overmoulding services & expertise for the production of prototypes and low-volume production parts – right from the design stage through to production.
We are a leading supplier of low pressure moulding equipment and low pressure moulding materials

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Our overmoulding expertise for the production of prototypes and low-medium volume product parts extends right from the design stage through to production. Our services also include Moulding Tool Design and Manufacture, 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping and Transfer Moulding.

Overmould helps customers in electronics manufacturing & cable/harness manufacturing sectors to master the challenge of the ultimate protection and seal for their finished product to offer instant protection from moisture, vibration and other challenging environmental conditions. Overmoulding protects, strengthens and seals parts without damaging them.

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Overmoulding Applications

Two-stage Two-material-PCB-Overmould

Two stage – Two material PCB Overmould

Through hole cable grommet

Through Hole Cable Grommet

Prototype Overmould produced using 3D printed tooling

Prototype Overmould Produced Using 3D Printed Tooling

PCB Overmould to replace conformal coating

PCB Overmould to Replace Conformal Coating

Medical wearable battery Overmould

Medical Wearable Battery Overmould

Large lighting industry connector overmould

Large Lighting Industry Connector Overmould

Inline PCB overmould

Inline PCB Overmould


Electronic Golf Ball Silicon LPM High Shock Overmould & White Outer Shell Overmoulding

Black UV resistant overmoulding of PCB

Black UV resistant overmoulding of PCB

Automotive connector

Automotive Connectors

Animal tracking GPS collar Overmould

Animal Tracking GPS Collar Overmould

There are many examples of what can be done using low pressure Overmoulding, whether it’s IP rated electronics encapsulation, packaging or a connecter back-shell with integrated mechanical strain relief.

Overmoulding Services & Equipment

Contract Overmoulding

As the UK experts and leaders in Low Pressure Overmoulding technology we provide sub-contract overmoulding services to small start-up and large global companies, enabling professional and comprehensive electronics encapsulation and overmoulding meeting the most challenging requirements. Experience and expertise allows us to offer overmoulding expertise for cables/connectors, devices and electronic assemblies from the start of the product design stage, ensuring maximum productivity at the lowest cost.

contract overmoulding services

Overmoulding Equipment

For companies that prefer to manage their overmoulding in-house we are the sole UK supplier of the three leading global brands of low pressure moulding machines and systems, Moldman™ , OptiMel and Buhnen. Whatever your manufacturing demands, from prototyping to high volume, handheld moulding tools to automated low pressure moulding systems, we have the perfect solution.

Overmoulding Equipment

Overmoulding Materials

We are Henkel’s UK partner for LPM, and the leading UK distributor for Henkel Technomelt hotmelt adhesives. We use Technomelt to deliver effective IP rated packaging / enclosure, strain relief and cable sealing in one easy step. The low-pressure process for overmoulding of electronics is fast. Technomelt solidifies in seconds and products can be used immediately.

overmoulding materials


Overmould has a highly skilled team of engineers with a great wealth of experience. Within our fully equipped modern workshop, featuring advanced machinery, including CNC machines & 3D printers, we create high-quality mould tool sets for our own use internally, and for customers all over the world. We can deliver a range of tooling options and strategies that range in cost and complexity according to your specific mould and volume requirements.

Overmoulding Tool Sets

Save Time, Money And Resources

Overmoulding saves time
Overmoulding saves money
Overmoulding saves resources

Whether your design is new to you or you are new to design, our experience provides you with the expertise or equipment to create and manufacture your product.

Working closely with you we’ll help to determine the most appropriate materials and method of production to turn devices into products, quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

We offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing. From concept to completion, you can rely on our experienced engineers to provide you with a first-class service.


overmoulding for the automotive industry


The Low-Pressure Moulding process plays an important role in the protection of electronics and sensors for all automotive applications.

overmoulding for the Medical industry


Overmoulding of components for medical devices enables improved aesthetics, added functionality, brand identification, and increased value.

Overmoulding for entertainment-lighting industry

Entertainment & Lighting

Our overmoulding expertise can help you produce the sturdiest products for the entertainment lighting industry which will perform consistently and reliably.

overmoulding for the aerospace-defence industry


Highly protective mouldings possible using high strength thermoplastic resins to match rigourous demands of the aerospace & defence industries.

overmoulding for the Electronics market

General Electronics

Overmoulding protects & strengthens electronic assemblies, electrical and electronic components, PCB’s, circuits, connectors and wires.

overmoulding for Environmental industries


Overmoulding a product can prevent water ingress and achieve an IP seal. Overmoulding will also deliver a tamper proof solution.

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