Overmoulding for the Environmental Sector

By overmoulding a product, water ingress can be prevented and an IP seal achieved. The use of primers or adhesives is no longer required to achieve an optimum bond between two materials. Overmoulding will also deliver a tamper proof solution.

Why Choose Overmould For Your Environmental Project

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At Overmould we apply our vast expertise in overmoulding to process cables, connectors, and sensors, as well as delicate electronics, for use in the Environmental sector.  We will work with you to design mouldings that retain the component’s functionality for many years. We overmould a wide range of products for global companies that are suitable to withstand a variety of the harshest conditions in many different environments.

Specific market segments in the environmental sector which can benefit from the overmoulding of products include environmentally friendly energy generation, electric mobility, water treatment and purification, air quality, waste management, conservation, forestry and agriculture.

Overmould’s ISO 9001 processes, as well as our 5S and 12D principles, help us to maintain the highest of quality standards and constantly improve our processes.


  • Soil warming cables / thermostat for propagators / greenhouses
  • Overmoulding for water-resistant products
  • Spill detector/sensors for the chemical / oil & gas industries
  • Gas detection/monitors for sewer systems
Overmoulding - Environmental applications

How Overmoulding Withstands A Variety Of Conditions

The material used for our overmoulding is a polyamide that is applied in a low-pressure system so that it is safe for sensitive electronics, and it is chosen because of its high levels of adhesion, its toughness and its “green credentials”.  The Technomelt polyamide we use is recyclable and made from 70% natural organic oils. The major benefit of this material and the unique process we use means that not only can the part be “potted” for protection, but it becomes the outer packaging at the same time. This saves money, time, and waste!  Many variants are available, each offering different key qualities, for example, UV resistance & salt water resistance.