Overmoulding for the Aerospace & Defence Industry

Complex specifications, rigorous production processes and the highest levels of compliance are demanded by the aerospace and defence industries.

Quality and reliability are absolutely imperative as the mission-critical end products need to withstand exposure to the harshest environments.

Why Choose Overmould For Your Aerospace Project

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Components made especially for the Aerospace and Defence fields have to be manufactured with great accuracy and attention to detail. The Overmould team is accustomed to these factors, and specialises in creating the smallest, most accurate, yet highly protective mouldings possible using high strength thermoplastic resins.

Overmould’s ISO 9001 processes, as well as our 5S and 12D principles, help us to maintain the highest of quality standards and constantly improve our processes.


  • Buttons and Switches
  • PCBs
  • Connectors, cable junctions and grommets
  • Three-dimensional wiring harnesses for aircraft wings
  • Anixter tri-rated cables (and connectors)
  • Small Power supplies
Overmoulding - aerospace-defence applications