MoldMan® 6200 Low Pressure Moulding Machine

MoldMan-6200 low-pressure-moulding machine

The MoldMan® 6200 low pressure moulding machine is a full size, single station low pressure overmoulding machine that offers simple versatility and is capable of producing high volumes of production parts, consistently. The addition of a shuttle table allows a significant increase in the number of parts that can be produced per hour, per shift, per day.

The MoldMan® 6200 includes a simple injection system, Quick Exchange melt reservoirs, 2 ton clamping force, and an easy-access open frame design. The system also features touch screen controls, melt temperature up to 245° C (475 °F), and optional 2-hand control.


  • No heated hose, exposed heated joints or exposed moving injector nozzles.
  • Quick Exchange melt reservoirs.
  • Simple injection via patented system.
  • 2T clamping force.
  • Precision flow & metering system via the gear pump & air pressure, allowing shot weights to be injected as fast or slowly as the moulding requires.
  • Open frame design for easy access to the mould tool and injection point.
  • Intuitive touch screen operation.
  • Light curtain and safety actuation.
  • Shuttle table.

Why choose a MoldMan™ Machine?

Focused on user friendliness and long service life, they are integrated, purpose built Low Pressure Moulding machines, designed to ensure minimal maintenance.

  • No heated hoses
  • No exposed heated joints
  • No exposed moving injection nozzles

The MoldMan® 6200 is the newest shuttle station model for thermoplastic materials such as copolyesters and polyamides.