Overmould HB470 Gear Pump With Melt Tank & Handgun

Overmould 470

The Overmould HB470 allows you to successfully achieve higher quantity low pressure overmoulding production. Our HB500 handguns are perfect for low volume and prototype work but increasingly our customers need higher production capabilities and this is where the HB470 fits in.

The 7 litre tank capacity allows you to increase throughput without the need to refill so frequently. Also with a 4 kilo per hour melt rate, production does not need to stop and wait for melted material, therefore reducing cycle times.

The HB470 incorporates a melt tank, gear pump with a handgun attached. With the option of 4 heated hose outputs you can have up to 4 individual operators working at the same time. Boasting individual temperature controls for each heated hose and handgun you can adjust parameters for each individual process. This means that you can have one operator working on a pre-mould tool whilst the second completes the final overmould – all from the same compact system.


  • Fast, easy to set-up and use from unpacking to operation in under 1 hour!
  • Non-stick coated melting tank means no more material “jams”.
  • Temperature sensors PT100, FeCu Ni, Ni120, NTC for precision control
  • External tank system and motor control centre for easy maintenance
  • Bypass valve, for safety and control
  • Filter cartridges for fast easy maintenance
  • Three-phase motor with frequency converter for efficient operation.
  • Speed control of the gear pump via external master voltage
  • Protection against excessive heat and cold
  • Insufficient temperature lock, for better process control
  • Gear pump sizes of 5-160 kg/h flow rate – perfect for overmoulding

Why choose Overmould Equipment?

Overmould hot melt adhesive guns are characterised by perfect handling, reliability, low weight and outstanding melting performance whilst our Hot melt adhesive tank systems deliver unbeatable processing quality and a modular design which allow a wide range of system solutions for virtually any application.

The HB470 is a gear pump designed especially for PA.

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