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Overmould are the established leading UK experts in overmoulding delivering outsourced electronics encapsulation and overmoulding services & expertise right from the design stage through to production.

Now we have extended our overmoulding services to include 3D printing, injection moulding and rapid prototyping, providing our customers with a one stop shop for the full range of technology and skills needed for the production of prototypes and low-volume production parts.

Our experienced team will work with you to decide upon the most appropriate materials and method of production to turn your devices into products, quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Injection moulding, usually associated with high volumes, can be ideal for functional prototyping, pilot runs, and low-volume production of on-demand parts using our in-house low cost tooling.

Industrial 3D printing is an advanced manufacturing process best adopted for rapid prototyping, complex designs, multipart assemblies and even functional, end-use parts. Our 3D print service has a full workshop engineering capacity to continue your development process.

We can take your project further along the production process with electronics assembly, CNC machining, laser cutting and forming. Our CNC machines for turning, milling, routing and profiling, grinding and polishing can be applied across a full range of commercial industrial plastics.

With this full range of technologies at our disposal, we are the perfect partner for all your prototyping needs.

And when you’re ready, we are equipped for low-medium volume production, in house so we can take you through the entire journey from prototype to production. As your production volumes grow, and it becomes economically viable, we can supply you with the overmoulding equipment for your own in-house manufacturing. We’ll back you up with our industry-leading expertise.

If you’re working on a new project, talk to us today about making it a reality.

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