Overmould collaborate with Combined Test Solutions to improve the Smart-Lights™ device

Smart Light device lit up

Combined Test Solutions is the leading UK provider of test equipment and instruments. We were asked to overmould two of their test products, the first being a Smart-Light.

The Smart-Light device is a useful tool for automated and quick test set up and fixturing of large harness tester interfaces. It can store information for fixturing cables, show error location as well as saving time and money for users.

Tim Morris explains the problems experienced before using the Low Pressure Overmoulding process provided by Overmould, how this proved to be the solution and why the chosen overmoulding material was used.

“Previously, high pressure moulding was used to encapsulate the PCB, but this was not possible without an extremely high failure rate. High pressures and temperatures were destroying components in the Smart-Lights which led to multiple problems with the LEDs on the board and subsequently to 20% failures.”

“We knew we needed to find a way to improve. We worked with Overmould who enclosed the PCB’s with overmoulding.
Overmoulding is a process that ensures products are protected against demanding working conditions such as moisture, dust and dirt.  The procedure also offers aesthetic benefits, allowing a finished product to be given an interesting look or make it distinctive to a brand.”

“On the Smart-Lights, quality improved with failure rate dropping to way less than 1% and the 3-stage process gave us a much better finish of the device. We were able to fully encapsulate the sensitive LED with the Technomelt Polyamide material.

“For the choice of Low Pressure moulding material, we went with Technomelt 673 Amber as this gave the Smart-Lights the best finish. This product also gave us good visibility of the bi-coloured LED when the product is in use. We can confirm it has been a highly successful development.”