Overmould Shows its Caring Side with Charitable Sponsorship of RUSH Kenya

Rush Kenya

Overmould, leading UK experts in overmoulding and outsourced electronics encapsulation and overmoulding services, is embracing the spirit of giving with its ongoing charitable donations to RUSH Kenya; an organisation that cares for Kenya’s most vulnerable children.

The RUSH Academy run by RUSH Kenya who are based in Kakamega, Western Kenya was founded to provide education to local children and give them the tools to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Since 2002, the academy has grown from just a kindergarten to a kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Children from the first kindergarten class are now in their second year of university.  RUSH Academy takes on children from the age of two and a half until the end of secondary school. The academy is currently attended by around 500 students, over 200 of whom board.

Many pupils at RUSH are able to attend the academy with the support of sponsors based in the UK, such as Overmould. Sponsorship provides school fees which help fund the school, access to medical care, nutritious meals and school materials including a uniform. Through our ongoing monthly support, RUSH Academy are able to pay for a teacher, 40 school books or 400 school meals, depending on the greatest needs. This regular funding enables them to plan how best to support the children in their care. Thank you to all our customers who continue to make it possible for us to support this work.

Education is the first step on the route out of poverty, but for so many families around the world, poverty is the barrier keeping children from getting the education they deserve and preventing them from accessing the benefits and opportunities that school provides. RUSH academy is providing real life-changing opportunities for these children, with many of them going on to university and into employment. With increased income, they can better support their families and futures.

Overmould is proud to be able to contribute towards changing lives in some of the poorest, most rural areas of the world.

RUSH urgently need support and are looking for people to sponsor children to go to RUSH or to become regular givers to this work. If you wish to sponsor a child or to find out more about sponsorship please click here.