Overmould are the UK’s No 1 Supplier of Henkel Technomelt®

Henkel Technomelt Amber and Black

Henkel is a world leader in high performance adhesive materials, and Overmould are proud to be their top distributor providing Henkel’s Technomelt® polyamide adhesive thermoplastics and LOCTITE® products for over 20 years.

Henkel Technomelt, used in conjunction with specialist Low Pressure Moulding equipment supplied by Overmould Ltd, offer a superior adhesion and sealing for a wide range of electronics applications enabling fast, low-cost encapsulation in any shape.

Our proficiency in overmoulding electronics, cables and PCBs have made us the “Go-To” Low Pressure Overmoulding experts in Europe. Our sub-contract facility overmoulds products for global companies, ranging from medical devices and automotive parts, to probes for the environmental sector and devices for aerospace. ISO 9000, 8D reports and adherence to the 5S processes keep us lean and efficient. Alongside the unrivalled Technomelt® expertise, means we provide low to medium volume overmoulding services for a wide variety of industry sectors, meeting the strictest regulations and specifications.

Technomelt® polyamide adhesive thermoplastics are always in stock in our Bedfordshire warehouse. We do also provide other encapsulation potting materials such as Epoxy potting, and Low-Pressure Silicone Moulding, as well as specific Loctite® products to keep your production processes going.

Don’t hestitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding any of the Henkel Technomelt materials and products.