Overmoulding is changing the game for Wearable Technology

Wearable device probe

Health monitoring devices in the Medical Sector

The Low-Pressure Overmoulding (LPM) process accommodates the overmoulding of delicate electronics with advanced battery technologies (without damage) that are used in this sector. Our customer’s medical devices are provided with unparalleled waterproofing and shock protection. The wearable technology utilized in the healthcare industry is one of the many sectors represented in our Overmould product portfolio. This method is the best way to encapsulate, protect, and waterproof your electronics and products including wearable technology.

Detectors and biosensors

A patient’s overall health, fitness, and health conditions are reliably tracked by wearable medical equipment such as a health monitoring device worn on the body, such as the wrist. The smart gadget might serve as a reminder to take prescription medications and save patient health information. In order to gather information from the patient, biosensors are used to collect data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. Biological, chemical, or physical signals are detected by biosensors, which are then transformed into quantifiable electrical or optical signals.

Technical challenges overcome through LPM

Delicate electronics and sensitive battery technologies are a challenge when it comes to IP rated packaging. Conventional high pressure injection moulding can damage surface mount technologies used in high density PCB’s – even removing components during moulding.  Batteries are an even bigger problem with thermal runaway starting at 85 degrees C and the high-pressure damaging packing. This at best affects battery performance and at worst causes a destructive fire.  Overmould’s pioneering work using LPM technology overcomes these issues, and the product’s packaging and encapsulation can be performed in one single safe and fast operation for health monitoring devices.

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